Violence, fearmongering continue as SCOTUS decision looms

Violence, fearmongering continue as SCOTUS decision looms

Violence, fearmongering continue as SCOTUS decision looms

The Supreme Court's verdict regarding the fate of Roe vs. Wade is expected by the week's end. And while the left continues to stir the pot, a pro-lifer remains optimistic.

If the court overturns the 1973 decision, USA Today cites one researcher as saying as many as 75,000 women will not be able to reach an abortion provider and will be forced to give birth instead.

Carol Tobias of National Right to Life says that is just scaremongering.

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

"Abortion advocates are trying to make everybody think that life is going to be as horrible as possible for women in the country," she observes. "For this one researcher to say 75,000 women will be forced to give birth, they won't make it to a provider -- I think a better way of looking at that is 75,000 little vulnerable human beings will live."

She sees that as a tremendous success story.

"I'm looking forward to seeing those kinds of stories come about, that we've got little ones who are now surviving," Tobias tells AFN.

As the decision looms, abortion advocates continue resorting to violence. But the pro-life organization that recently fell victim to another terrorist attack has continued to carry out its mission.

For a second time, the facility of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL)has been attacked, this time with graffiti painted on the building and broken windows.

Stark, Paul (MCCL) Stark

"It was done by a group called Jane's Revenge," details Paul Stark, the organization's communications director. "They're the ones who took credit for it, and they've done these attacks [on] pro-life groups and pregnancy centers across the country now. It's certainly troubling to see this violence happening."

He goes on to point out that violent attacks fall in line with support for the violence that is inflicted on preborn children during abortion.

"Abortion often tears these little human beings apart," Stark explains. "It's dismemberment or it's poison; it's an act of violence and against a human being who has human rights, someone who has value and is precious and deserves our respect and protection."

Stark is grateful the staff is unharmed, and he asserts AFN the two incidents will not deter MCCL from their mission of saving babies and protecting women from the harm of abortion.