The danger of a lie

The danger of a lie

The danger of a lie

A pro-lifer says lying to doctors is more than just a bad idea; it can also be dangerous.

Suspecting the abortion movement wants women suffering side effects serious enough to send them to hospitals, where they will tell doctors they are having a miscarriage, the Charlotte Lozier Institute is conducting a continuing study of the abortion pill.

"We looked at these chemical abortion emergency room visits that were miscoded, that were labeled miscarriages, and we discovered that having an abortion miscoded as miscarriage was a risk factor for needing to be admitted to the hospital to have the abortion completed surgically and having to undergo multiple hospitalizations," details Institute spokeswoman Tessa Longbons.

Longbons, Tessa (Charlotte Lozier Institute) Longbons

So because the patients hid the truth of their chemical abortions from their physicians, they had to keep returning for medical help.

Can a woman withhold information from her doctors safely? The answer is no," Longbons asserts. "Women need to make sure that they provide their doctors with all their medical history, and doctors need to be sure that they're asking women to make sure that they're providing them with the correct treatment and really understand what's going on so that women aren't put at risk."

She stresses that women need to be fully informed about the serious risks of chemical abortions and that they need to be completely truthful with medical personnel if they do have to go to an emergency room because of complications from abortion pills.