Is firebombing 'domestic terrorism' if terrorists are the good guys?

Is firebombing 'domestic terrorism' if terrorists are the good guys?

Is firebombing 'domestic terrorism' if terrorists are the good guys?

A pro-life pregnancy center has been firebombed by abortion supporters, the second such attack in several weeks, and so the question is being asked: Will the attackers ever be found and prosecuted for domestic terrorism by those who sympathize with them.

In a late-night attack, abortion activists firebombed CompassCare Pregnancy Services, located in Buffalo, New York, LifeNews reported.

Graffiti on the building stated “Jane Was Here,” referring to the group Jane’s Revenge that has claimed responsibility for attacking Wisconsin Family Action with Molotov cocktails and for vandalizing churches in Olympia, Washington.

The attack caused approximately $150,000 in damage after the arsonists broke windows and set fires in two different offices inside the building, The Buffalo News reported.

Two firefighters were treated for minor injuries at the scene, too.

Jim Harden, executive director of CompassCare, tells AFN the irony of the attack is that Gov. Kathy Hochul has earmarked $35 million in state funds to help abortion clinics across the state. A total of $10 million of that is allocated for security.

“But they haven’t lifted their finger,” he complains, “knowing full well that there’s attacks against pregnancy centers. We’re the ones whose facilities are burning.”

It is not secret that facilities such as CompassCare are despised and are targeted by abortion supporters, even though their volunteer staffs and limited funds are dwarfed by the staff, volunteers and budgets of abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood.

Despite that David-versus-Goliath reality, Harden last month watched his state legislature pass Assembly Bill A5499 that authorized the State of New York to investigate what it calls “limited services pregnancy centers," meaning pro-life clinics. The state Commissioner of Health is directed by the bill to examine the “unmet health and resource needs facing pregnancy women in New York.”

AFN has reported the Madison-based office of Wisconsin Family Action was hit by Molotov cocktails in a May 7 attack. In that arson attack, Jane’s Revenge took credit for a terrorist attack on a political group that takes a pro-life stance but is not a single-issue activist group.

Reacting to the WFA firebombing, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) asked the FBI and Department of Justice in a letter why they haven’t issued a statement condemning the attack. Using the federal government’s own definition, he wrote, the attack on the facility is domestic terrorism and should be investigated as such. 

The same Department of Justice that received Sen. Johnson's letter, and will likely never respond, is the same federal agency that is recommending a light two-year sentence for two Ivy League-educated attorneys who firebombed a New York City police car during a 2020 police protest. The two attorneys previously faced a 10-year sentence for throwing a Molotov cocktail, and police found more bombs in their getaway van.  

Madison, Wisconsin is infamous as a mecca of Marxist-based activism among politicians, street activists, and academics, which makes the right-leaning Wisconsin Family Action a hated pariah among literal communists.

Madison’s police chief sympathized with the attackers in a statement that didn’t clearly condemn the attack nor vowed to prosecute the attackers.  

Back in Buffalo, New York, police have not suggested a motive for the attack and the FBI declined to say if it intends to get involved, The Associated Press reported. 

Harden tells AFN the pregnancy center is moving to an undisclosed facility for safety but will carry on its mission that believes every human being, including in the womb, is valued by God.

"The fact that we're made in the image of God," he says, "is the basis for human dignity."