The right choice: Support the moms … and the babies will live

The right choice: Support the moms … and the babies will live

The right choice: Support the moms … and the babies will live

A pro-life spokesman argues that abortion advocates are misguiding women in poverty by convincing them that their only choice is to abort their unborn children.

Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion cartel often use a woman's financial stress as a "sales tool" to convince her to abort her child – when, in fact, blacks and Hispanics living in poverty rarely support abortion, according to Gallup … even though that demographic often faces poor access to such things as housing, child care, and health care.

Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries explains coercing women into an abortion isn't what is needed to rise out of poverty.

"I think the solution here is clear and simple," he tells AFN. "[The solution is to] make available the help and aid that's needed so that they don't have this concern of being pushed toward abortion, as the abortion movement is already doing."

Gibson, Brian (Pro-Life Action Ministries) Gibson

Based on his experience with sidewalk counseling, Gibson knows that impoverished women seeking an abortion are the easiest to convince to keep their baby when informed that a full range of help is available. Killing the child, he argues, leaves no incentive to work out of poverty.

"You add the depression and … the despondency that comes from being post-abortive on top of that; and so, no, women who are in poverty do not find themselves generally coming out of poverty because they've had abortions. It's quite the opposite," he adds.

The pro-lifer contends that's all the more reason to support pro-life pregnancy centers and churches that are there to provide the support needed for a woman to have her child and live a fruitful life.

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