A reason behind violent support for abortion? Hardened hearts

A reason behind violent support for abortion? Hardened hearts

A reason behind violent support for abortion? Hardened hearts

Angry abortion supporters are following through on their promised “Summer of Rage” over potentially losing their prized Roe v. Wade ruling but a pro-life activist says part of that anger comes from misunderstanding their opponents and abortion itself.

AFN has reported that abortion supporters are calling their ongoing protests a “Summer of Rage,” and that description seems fitting after crazed abortion defenders have attacked pro-life pregnancy centers, the headquarters of right-leaning groups, and now numerous churches, too.

LifeNews.com, the pro-life news website, is maintaining a list of such incidents across the country, including a string of vandalism at churches in Washington state.

Reacting to those incidents, Ester Ripplinger of Human Life of Washington tells AFN one possible cause of the anger and violence is a misunderstanding of the pro-life cause. That fault lies with the media, she says, which has failed to do its job to educate the public.

“And so, really, this is just putting fuel to the fire,” she says, “without giving solid, accurate information.”

LifeNews reported the radical abortion group Jane’s Revenge claimed it was responsible for the attacks on four Olympia-area churches, including a Catholic church and property belonging to the Latter Day Saints.

Jane’s Revenge, which is tied to Marxist anarchists, took credit for threatening graffiti (pictured at top) and for a Molotov cocktail that was thrown through the window of Wisconsin Family Action on May 8.

Ripplinger says America has witnessed 63 million children die in abortions since the Roe v Wade ruling. So there is no way, she says, that many women can be affected without doing harm to families, marriages, and to society itself.

“People do not respect human life to the very core,” she warns, “and of course they want to terrorize people that they don't agree with.”