Unraveling an issue

Unraveling an issue

Unraveling an issue

A born-again pro-lifer is bringing an informative and compelling message to theatres throughout the country.

Tracy Robinson is a documentary producer who described herself as a pro-choice Christian until some of her friends invited her to a pro-life apologetics conference. Her documentary, "The Matter of Life," details what compelled her conversion to a pro-lifer.

Robinson, Tracy Robinson

"I really felt passionate about making a movie for people that were on the fence, or who didn't really know how to verbalize their pro-life views, or who even are pro-choice," she shares. "I wanted to unravel the issue for people instead of preaching to a choir of the already convinced."

Her goal for the documentary is to share her journey.

"I wanted it to cover the science of embryology and the apologetics sides," Robinson notes. "I wanted to cover the legal and the historical sides. I wanted to give the people the business model of Planned Parenthood, and then I wanted to show powerful personal stories and great things happening in the pro-life movement on the pregnancy care side."

The award-winning documentary will be shown in various theatres throughout the country May 16-17. Tickets are available at FathomEvents.com.