OK rep. calls abortion what it is

OK rep. calls abortion what it is

OK rep. calls abortion what it is

A member of Congress is ready and willing to go to great lengths to protect children from partial-birth abortions.

In a partial-birth abortion procedure, the baby is delivered breach, with his or her head still in the birth canal. The abortionist punctures the baby's skull, suctions out the child's brains, then delivers his or her lifeless body.

In an effort to end the practice in his state, Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R) has introduced the Partial Birth Abortion is Murder Act. He says a discovery made in Washington, D.C. is what prompted him to do so.

Mullin, Markwayne (R-Oklahoma) Mullin

"There were five babies that were discovered that appeared that they had been murdered halfway through the birthing process," he details, "Currently the fine is only two years for this -- maximum two years. The maximum prison [sentence] is two years or as little as a fine, and the fine isn't even that specific in what it is."

His bill calls for a maximum life prison term for anyone who performs a partial-birth abortion procedure, as he reasons that ending a life that way is considered murder. Mullin understands, however, that even getting the bill onto the House floor for a vote will be difficult.

"What we may do is force it through signature so we can put it in the well," he notes. "If we can get 218 signatures on it, then maybe we can force it to the floor at that point. Right now the way the floor works is the speaker has full control over it. The speaker's office can decide what comes to the floor and what doesn't."

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who considers abortion to be a woman's sacred right, is expected to refuse to give the measure a hearing. But Congressman Mullin insists that it needs to be considered for the sake of the children.