Show Me State showing up for precious babies

Show Me State showing up for precious babies

Show Me State showing up for precious babies

Missouri continues working on pro-life legislation as the nation awaits rulings in federal abortion cases.

Among the major bills the Missouri Legislature is working on is one that defunds Planned Parenthood. Another would require treatment in many circumstances if a baby is born alive during a failed abortion.

Klein, Susan (Missouri Right to Life) Klein

Susan Klein of Missouri Right to Life tells American Family News her organization is "fighting for these babies who are just trying to live, whether they're in their mother's womb and be born or whether they're born alive after an abortion and given care."

Other bills have been introduced to forbid abortion at and after six weeks into the pregnancy.

"They're looking for civil remedies for people who have been harmed by abortion and trying to save babies who have a heartbeat," Klein asserts.

The U.S. Supreme Court should rule this summer on a bill that makes abortion illegal at 15 weeks, as well as whether Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

If the latter is accomplished, that will once again allow states to make their own decisions on abortion. Klein says that is where the authority belonged in the first place, "being accountable to the legislators, being accountable to the citizens of their state."

Several states have already passed trigger laws that will ban or heavily restrict abortion if the 1973 Supreme Court decision is overturned.