Another flop in the making?

Another flop in the making?

Another flop in the making?

A pro-life organization sees what the nation's largest abortion provider is up to in Kansas and is working to expose what's going on.

Planned Parenthood Exposed spokesman Ron Kelsey says his organization has discovered that a building in Kansas City, Kansas is being set up to abort preborn children.

"There's a new building being remodeled [with] I think the same tactic that Planned Parenthood used, or I suspect the same tactic that Planned Parenthood used in East Illinois to open up that clinic there," Kelsey suspects. "They tried to fly under the radar screen by doing everything under a different name until they opened, and then it became Planned Parenthood."

The painting and flooring contractors were pulled from the job when it was discovered that they were not licensed, and while Kelsey is unsure whether the remodeling workers on sight now are aware that abortions will be done at that building, he asserts they will know soon enough.

"I'm planning on having a sidewalk display there to educate them exactly on that because I think a lot of them, if they knew, they would not want to be there," he tells American Family News.

Planned Parenthood Exposed is also considering contacting residents about what is coming to their area.

"It's a heavy residential area," Kelsey reports. "The street that it's on, Leavenworth Road, has businesses along that street as well."

In 2019, Planned Parenthood secretly leased a building in Kansas City, Kansas for a new abortuary, but Kelsey's group informed the owner of what the business had planned for the facility, and the lease was canceled. The pro-lifers are hoping for a similar outcome at this new building.