Honored for their pro-life impact, dedication to unborn

Honored for their pro-life impact, dedication to unborn

Honored for their pro-life impact, dedication to unborn

The National Prayer Luncheon for Life is coming up in a couple of weeks, and several organizations will be honored.

One of the purposes of the luncheon is to lift up the preborn in prayer – something several well-known prayer warriors will be doing during the course of an hour or so. The other purpose is to recognize the work of groups on behalf of those in the womb. About 70 organizations were nominated for recognition and that's been whittled down to the top six. The six finalists (listed alphabetically) are: Embrace Grace, Live Action, Pro-Life Action League, ProLove Ministries, Radiance Foundation, and Support After Abortion.

Spokeswoman Karen Garnett tells AFN members of the public still have time to vote for the groups on their website – and none, she says, will go away empty-handed the evening of the awards.

Garnett, Karen (National Prayer Luncheon for Life) Garnett

"The voting is open until midnight on March 22, and the top vote-getting organization receives the award for this year and the $50,000 grant," she explains. "And then the second gets the $20,000 grant, the third the $15,000 grant and then the fourth, fifth and sixth each get a $5,000 grant."

Each organization will have the freedom to decide how to use the money to best advance the pro-life cause.

"These are organizations that are demonstrating verifiable, measurable impact and results fighting against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry," says Garnett. "So, we will distribute these grants for them to continue to do their amazing, high-impact pro-life work."

The public will be able to watch the National Prayer Luncheon for Life live on March 25 on the website – and if they care to, they can also view the 2021 event when the top prize was won by Students for Life of America.