PP backs 'savage' proposal

PP backs 'savage' proposal

PP backs 'savage' proposal

Pro-lifers are preparing to fend off a major abortion bill pro-aborts have presented to the Colorado Legislature.

Giuliana Day of Life Decisions says the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which calls for abortion for whatever reason through all nine months of pregnancy, is a horrible bill.

"It's so savage," she asserts. "It's so inhumane to allow abortions until the very moment of birth without any kind of restrictions."

Day points out that a baby is a baby as soon as conception takes place, and the child grows from there in every respect as a human being.

"A baby feels pain at least at 19 weeks, and we're talking about excruciating pain," she says of abortion. "The baby hasn't been developing all the sensors that mitigate the pain."

Some scientists claim a preborn child can feel pain as early as 12 weeks into the pregnancy. Nevertheless, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has thrown its support behind the legislation.

"It's like a vicious cycle," the pro-lifer laments. "They support in the schools the hypersexualization of the kids; so these girls get pregnant, and the organizations have customers for life. In exchange, they make so much money that they can contribute to the campaigns of these legislators."

Life Decisions, which describes itself as a group of people from all walks of life united in the goal to bring love, compassion, no judgment, privacy, confidentiality, support, and care to communities, is gearing up to fight against the measure's passage. And though it is likely an uphill battle, Day believes it is also a winnable one.