'Infracted' faith-based schools about to feel some heat

'Infracted' faith-based schools about to feel some heat

'Infracted' faith-based schools about to feel some heat

Almost three dozen Christian and Catholic institutions of higher learning decided to cut ties with Planned Parenthood after being challenged by a student pro-life group to do so. But almost 70 such schools have yet to respond – prompting Students for Life of America to turn up the heat a bit.

In December, AFN reported that 103 of the 783 faith-based colleges and universities in the U.S. had a "relationship" with the abortion conglomerate. Students for Life of America (SFLA) and its Institute for Pro-Life Advancement spent several months doing research into those relationships, then asked the schools to do an about-face and instead promote local pro-life pregnancy centers.

Enriquez, Lauren (Students for Life) Enriquez

"These relationships … took the form of schools referring students to Planned Parenthood as a student resource, whether that be a health care resource or a gender resource," says SFLA spokeswoman Lauren Enriquez.

According to the pro-life group, 34 of the schools – even before the group published its report – decided to stop promoting Planned Parenthood as a resource to students, hosting events with the abortion giant, or encouraging students to consider PP for internships or job opportunities.

That left 69 schools with confirmed ties to Planned Parenthood – to which SFLA assigned a letter grade reflecting how well each upholds biblical values. Now activists are being encouraged to take action and contact the "infracting" schools and urge administrators to end their relationship with the abortion giant.

"Our hope is that the schools that remain on our list will learn [from the other schools] and cut ties with the nation's biggest seller of abortions, which clearly has no place within a Christian institution," says the SFLA website.

Among the 15 "F Schools" – those with 4 or more "infractions" – are Duke University (affiliated with the United Methodist Church), Emory University (Methodist Episcopal), and Pacific Lutheran University (Lutheran).

Duke, according to SFLA's website, lists Planned Parenthood as an internship opportunity – and needs to stop performing chemical and surgical abortions at its medical school. SFLA is asking pro-lifers to urge the president of Emory to remove PP from its public health resource page, as a "family planning resource," and as a medical school "practice location." Pacific Lutheran lists the abortion provider as a source for "female empowerment," as a resource for birth control – and promotes a group of area late-term abortion clinics as a health and counseling resource.

Other recognizable names on the "B, C, and D" lists (1-3 infractions) include Baylor University (Baptist), Texas Christian University (Disciples of Christ), University of Tulsa (Presbyterian), and Sacred Heart University (Catholic). SFLA's research found that schools with Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist affiliation made up an "outsized share of infracted schools."