The answer to poverty is never to kill a child

The answer to poverty is never to kill a child

The answer to poverty is never to kill a child

A pro-lifer who grew up in poverty says killing will not solve anything.

Considering the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court will return abortion laws to state authority, CNN recently lamented that child termination will not be available in pro-life states, which they say will make it hard on the children who will be born into poverty.

Rev. Dean Nelson of the Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action asserts that is an invalid argument.

Nelson, Rev. Dean (Human Coalition Action) Nelson

"From a personal level, I spent half of my childhood years growing up in rural Virginia. I lived in a home [where] we didn't have indoor plumbing," Rev. Nelson shares. "We had an outhouse, but yet I had a loving mother and a father, and I was able to graduate from the University of Virginia and go on to be a successful minister."

He believes the "abort the poor child" movement is a branch of the eugenics movement, which sees minorities as weeds that need to be removed from society. But Nelson also points out that America is "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

"That means the sanctity of human life, [including for] preborn children," he continues. "We at Human Coalition try to emphasize to people that it is so important to protect the innocent child, but the answer to poverty is never to kill the child."

Indeed, how can children have the chance to find their way out of poverty if they are not even given the chance to live?