Annual pro-life event ends on a happy note

Annual pro-life event ends on a happy note

Annual pro-life event ends on a happy note

Following completion of another of its Christmas projects, a leading pro-life organization continues to stand ready to help women suffering from the aftermath of abortion.

This year the Pro-Life Action League's "Peace in the Womb" Caroling Day saved some lives of preborn babies. The annual project, which began in 2003, calls on pro-lifers to sing Christmas carols at the nation's abortion mills. Eric Scheidler, who heads the League, reports on visible successes achieved from this year's observance.

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

"At least three babies were saved from abortion during Christmas caroling, at the direct consequence of moms hearing the carols," he tells AFN. "There's one in California and one in Atlanta, Georgia – and the other was, I think, in Marietta, Georgia."

Reports from all the events around the country have yet to come in, so Scheidler expects more good news about babies being saved from abortion.

The League spokesman acknowledges that it's extremely sad that children are aborted at Christmas time – or at any time, for that matter.

"… The Christmas season is going to inevitably bring [pain and anguish] for their mothers – and often times their fathers – in future years when they hear those Christmas carols and they're reminded of the horrible choice they made," he shares. "We only pray that hearing those carols over the years will drive those individuals to repent and to knowing that God will forgive them."

Emotional scars from an abortion often ensue, sometimes not surfacing for a decade, and can lead to depression and misuse of alcohol and drugs.