A Good solution to FDA blunder

A Good solution to FDA blunder

A Good solution to FDA blunder

A pro-life group is encouraging Congress to undo a federal agency's recent move that is harmful to women.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently ignored hard evidence and removed many of the restrictions that were on the distribution of chemical abortion pills, including allowing the drugs to be sent via mail. Brooke Paz of Students for Life Action says her organization is urging Congress to restore the regulations, especially on sending the drugs via mail.

Paz, Brooke (Students for Life Action) Paz

"We see Representative Bob Good's (R-VA) Teleabortion Prevention Act as a potential solution," Paz tells American Family News. "It would reinstate those vital safeguards that ensure women are protected from the dangers of chemical abortion."

At least two dozen women have died and more than 4,000 have been rushed to hospitals because of extremely serious complications from chemical abortions. And those figures are not accurate, as many states do not report such things to the federal government.

"We also know that chemical abortion can lead to depression, anxiety, fertility loss, infection, serious injury, [and] even death," the pro-lifer relays. "Chemical abortion has four times the complication rate of surgical abortion and 10 times the death rate."

Rep. Good's Teleabortion Prevention Act will deal with telemedicine delivery of the drugs and will also reinstate the FDA regulations designed to help make chemical abortions safer for women.

But even then, the pro-lifer points out that a baby still dies in any successful abortion.