Looking out for the little guys

Looking out for the little guys

Looking out for the little guys

Ohio is one step closer to protecting babies born alive in abortions.

Mary Parker, legislative director for Ohio Right to Life, says both houses of the Ohio Legislature have acted on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

"The bill will ensure that any child who is born alive after a failed abortion procedure will be given the proper care that they deserve, just like any other infant would be given who's born in the state of Ohio," Parker explains.

Parker, Mary (Ohio Right to Life) Parker

The legislation also addresses the lack of information on how many babies are born alive after an attempt to kill them in the womb.

"It also will require that if there is a failed abortion, that a doctor report that to the state so we have that information to be able to address this problem and solve it in the future," the pro-lifer details.

There have been many reports over the years of babies surviving abortions only to be killed or left alone until they die. But now in The Buckeye State, if the governor signs the bill into law, at least two abortion clinics there might have to close.

"I don't think I ever feel sad when an abortion clinic is closing," Parker confesses.

The two clinics do not have the transfer agreements with hospitals that are required by law, which means they would not be able to provide the life-saving care a baby born alive in a failed abortion would need.