'Study' finds dangerous abortion pill super-safe

'Study' finds dangerous abortion pill super-safe

'Study' finds dangerous abortion pill super-safe

A study claiming the abortion pill is safe is being criticized for using carefully screened participants in other countries while many women are being harmed in the U.S. and around the world.

The study was done with 1,237 women in Argentina and Nigeria on the premise the do-it-yourself pill is safe.

Laura Echevarria of the National Right to Life Committee tells American Family News the first problem with the study is it began with a faulty start.

“I don't know if their ‘success rate’ could actually be considered a true success rate, as far as the way they phrased it,” she advises, “because the women were still screened and they saw a doctor as a result of this screening.”

The study shows a 97% success rate but skeptics point out women who might be hurt, or even killed by the abortion drugs, were eliminated up front.

There is a second issue, too: the study was performed by a group tied to the abortion industry.

“This was the organization Ibis Reproductive Health,” Echevarria says, “and they have a long history of advocating for abortion.”

In the U.S., even incomplete statistics state 24 women died in 2020 alone and thousands have been hospitalized. In England, 10,000 women who aborted their children had consequences serious enough to send them to a hospital.

“They are ordering the drugs online from companies the FDA has not approved,” Echevearria warns, “and the chances of a woman endangering her life go up to extraordinarily high levels because there is no one monitoring the situation.”