Abortion provider wants a bubble

Abortion provider wants a bubble

Abortion provider wants a bubble

A California Planned Parenthood is trying to keep truth away from its prospective patients.

Walnut Creek's Planned Parenthood child termination center has gone to the city council asking that officials establish a buffer zone to keep pro-life sidewalk counselors from reaching out to abortion-minded women.

Pastor James Cook of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Concord, who is one of the prayer warriors, says clinic personnel say the purpose is "to safeguard the people coming in."

Cook, James (Lighthouse Baptist Church) Cook

"They made a lot of false accusations there at the city council meeting," Pastor Cook adds. "It's sparred an investigation of a buffer zone that the city wants to consider in the front of the Planned Parenthood on Oakland Avenue."

He asserts that the pro-lifers have broken no laws and says no police citations of any kind have been issued because the group is peaceful. The bottom line is the pro-life counselors are giving truth to the women, and that cuts into the abortion business's profits.

"We're seeing women come out of the abortion clinic that were in the office to get an abortion, and they've seen our signs," the pastor shares. "They heard us plea for life. They heard that there's other alternatives, and all we're doing is letting people know that there's other women's services in town, that they don't have to have an abortion. This is not the only option, and they come out and they talk to us."

He rejoices over every canceled abortion because it saves a baby's life.

Presently the most favored buffer zone proposal is to prevent pro-lifers from getting any closer than eight feet to the women visiting the clinic.