Assault of pro-life student highlights 'triggered' culture

Assault of pro-life student highlights 'triggered' culture

Assault of pro-life student highlights 'triggered' culture

A pro-life student group says it is witnessing more and more hostile attacks against its message and its messengers on today’s college campuses, where a new generation of far-left students who are unable to handle opposing views in the classroom are certainly triggered by the reality of what happens inside an abortion clinic.

Students for Life operates chapters on college campuses across the country, where pro-life students set up a pro-life display and invite fellow students to discuss the issue of abortion and fetal development. But some students are not interested in discussing it and lash out, sometimes violently, over the issue.

Such was the case in late October at the University of Texas-San Antonio, where the sight of white crosses and a “Cemetery of the Innocents” triggered abortion supporters who attempted to block the display from being viewed by others.

Then along came another student who literally assaulted a pro-life activist, says Students for Life spokesperson Lauren Enriquez.

“One young woman, who was clearly very triggered by the display, was yelling insults at the pro-life students. She even spit on one of the students,” Enriquez tells American Family News. “This was witnessed by the Dean of Students.”

The woman then hit a student in the face, knocking a phone out of her hand. The assault has been reported to police.

“This is just a pattern that we are seeing that has ramped up this year more than even in previous years,” Enriquez warns, “where students are facing threats of violence and harassment.”

The pro-life students are aware of that hostile environment, she adds, which means they are displaying real courage to stand up publicly for the unborn.