Publication comparing apples and oranges

Publication comparing apples and oranges

Publication comparing apples and oranges

Pennsylvania's largest organization focused solely on the right to life says a recent hit piece on pro-life pregnancy help centers shows to what extent pro-abortion arguments have invaded the media.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on Real Alternatives, a private non-profit pro-life pregnancy operation that funds such centers in several states. The article argues that if pro-lifers want government not to use tax money for abortions, then pregnancy help centers should not receive those dollars, either.

Gallagher, Maria (PA Pro-Life Federation) Gallagher

Maria Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation says the two are not the same.

"In the one case you're sending money for the desecration of human life, for the ending of human life," she explains. "In the other case you are investing in pregnant women and their families to give them hope, to give them a fresh start in life."

Gallagher adds that the article is just another effort by the pro-abortion industry to attack the pro-life movement, "which is a movement of love and compassion."

And those two factors have produced positive results.

"The pregnancy and parenting support group in Pennsylvania has served more than 300,000 women and their families with life-saving support and comprehensive counseling," Gallagher reports. "It's a model program for the rest of the nation, and it should be protected."

The Philadelphia Inquirer article claims the pregnancy help centers use deceptive tactics and disinformation, even though they have been investigated by pro-abortion plants who could find nothing wrong with their operations.