Good ROI for abortion giant

Good ROI for abortion giant

Good ROI for abortion giant

Questions are being raised about the Biden administration's recent multimillion-dollar gift to the abortion cartel, which invested big bucks in putting the Democrat in the White House.

On October 4, the Biden administration reversed a Trump-era policy that forbid federal money for organizations that perform or promote abortions. That means Christmas came early for Planned Parenthood, with another $60 million in its coffers.

Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee tells AFN she's not surprised in the least by the administration's dealings when it comes to the sanctity of life.

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

"They have gone full onboard with everything the abortion industry wants – abortion for all nine months for any reasons with tax dollars paying for it," she laments. "[This] administration will find absolutely every way they can to [make it happen] – and if they can't make it happen, at least make it as easy as possible."

Former President Donald Trump used the full and lengthy process with public input in establishing his rule, while the Biden administration pushed the change through in "lightning speed," according to one columnist.

Tobias acknowledges that there were folks who didn't like Trump and voted for Biden instead – but who now may be experiencing buyer's remorse.

"… The way this president is bending rules, breaking rules, doing whatever he wants to get what he wants?" she wonders. "We have to remember that when we go into the voting booth absolutely every time elections have consequences and we need to be voting for the people who support our values."

Planned Parenthood spent millions of dollars to get Biden into the White House, and they are reaping the benefits now of that election.