PP ignores negligence, refuses to take responsibility

PP ignores negligence, refuses to take responsibility

PP ignores negligence, refuses to take responsibility

A Boston woman is still waiting for justice from the abortion business that continues to resist reaching any settlement with her after botching her abortion and refusing to care for her.

Amanda Davis was 21 years old when she went to a Boston Planned Parenthood five years ago. She suffered heavy bleeding and severe cramps after her abortion procedure there, but when she returned to the clinic for help, she was told her problem was hormonal.

Sullenger, Cheryl Sullenger

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, a pro-life activist organization that has recorded at least 20 emergencies stemming from the same clinic, tells American Family News Davis's problems continued, but the Planned Parenthood would not return her calls for help. So she made another trip there.

"The abortionist … examined the aborted baby remains to make sure everything had been removed," Sullenger reports. "She certified that it had been, even though she couldn't possibly have fully examined those remains."

That was after Davis had visited a hospital emergency room, where her situation was still not diagnosed.

"She was just about at the end of her rope. Her mother finally got her up, got her to a different hospital, and that's when they realized she had an incomplete abortion," the pro-lifer details. "They gave her medication. So she had this painful chemical second abortion."

That was necessary because the hospital discovered that abortionist Alice Mark had left 75% of Davis's baby in her womb. The months-long ordeal with pain, bleeding, and depression prompted her to file a lawsuit, which has yet to be resolved.