Unsafe abortion isn't the only option

Unsafe abortion isn't the only option

Entrance to Southwestern Women's Options, an abortion clinic located in Albuquerque, NM

Unsafe abortion isn't the only option

A pro-lifer in News Mexico is letting people know that states neighboring those that do not provide abortion are not necessarily safe options, especially in Texas's case.

The Lone Star State recently tightened its regulations on abortion, making the procedure completely unavailable once the preborn baby hits the six-week point. For anyone considering crossing the western border in search of an abortion elsewhere, Elisa Martinez of the New Mexico Alliance for Life says the clinics in her state are not safe.

Martinez, Elisa (NM Alliance for Life) Martinez

"We have seen at least 30 medical emergencies out of one clinic alone, which includes the death of a 24-year-old Albuquerque woman during an elective abortion at six months," Martinez notes. "These procedures, by the abortion industry's own admission, carry a 90% greater risk of death into the third trimester."

That particular clinic specializes in second- and third-trimester abortions.

"There is a clinic in Santa Teresa, which is on the Mexico border and Texas border, that has also seen lots of issues [like] botched abortions," the pro-lifer adds about another clinic in southeastern New Mexico. "The entire clinic staff got COVID. They're just not safe or regulated both in New Mexico and obviously in Mexico."

For Texans looking to terminate a pregnancy in Louisiana, Martinez points out that abortion clinics there also have a record of botched abortions and poor quality of care. So she advises women in Texas to seek help from the many pro-life pregnancy centers that are available.