Yes, Rogers PP, we'll be your neighbor

Yes, Rogers PP, we'll be your neighbor

Yes, Rogers PP, we'll be your neighbor

A new abortion clinic in Arkansas will have a new neighbor working to help women make a better informed choice for their preborn babies.

Dana Schwiethale, who heads Loving Choices, a pro-life organization with pregnancy help centers in Rogers and Fayetteville, Arkansas, says she learned from a reliable source that Planned Parenthood would be opening an abortuary in Rogers in a former doctor's office.

Schwiethale, Dana (Loving Choices) Schwiethale

"We went into action immediately because we wanted to be their neighbor," Schwiethale tells American Family News. "I have contacted a home that is beside them, and the lady is praying about … selling me the home. But as of right now, she's allowing me to park the mobile unit, and it is right beside their parking lot."

The mobile unit is fully equipped to, among other things, inform women of the status of their pregnancy.

"It does free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and counseling on all the options and choices that they have," the pro-lifer details. "We plan on doing that across the parking lot."

When the Planned Parenthood location will start terminating babies has not been revealed, but the offices are complete, and nurses in scrubs have been seen in the building.