Downplaying death is boosting abortion

Downplaying death is boosting abortion

Downplaying death is boosting abortion

A spokesperson for a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce and ultimately end abortion in the U.S. says Americans need to adjust their value of life, and that means all human life.

According to a recently-released Associated Press poll, a majority of Americans support abortion remaining legal for the first trimester, but the support drops dramatically for second- and third-trimester procedures. Sue Liebel of the Susan B. Anthony List laments that support for abortion grows once more when the question arises of aborting handicapped preborn babies.

Liebel, Sue Swayze (SBA List) Liebel

"Unfortunately it has been a norm in our country for a long time, and the medical community perpetuates that when there has been a genetic diagnosis or a prenatal condition," Liebel tells American Family News. "They call it termination. They don't call it abortion; they don't use the 'A' word. So that is perpetuated by our medical community these days."

The pro-lifer points out that the prenatal tests revealing handicaps like Down syndrome are not always correct. And even if they are, many people born with physical or mental handicaps go on to live happy, productive, and independent lives.

"We're much more inclusive today of people with disabilities," Liebel asserts. "The irony is that this is a country that prides itself on compassion and inclusiveness, and here we are still killing people who we deem as not having the right characteristics that we want."