Pro-life pair breaking the silence

Pro-life pair breaking the silence

Pro-life pair breaking the silence

Since the mainstream media has failed to get out accurate information about abortion pills, two pro-life groups are combining efforts to make sure girls and women know the risks.

Federal agencies continue to downplay the side effects and dangers of the abortion pill regimen, and for the most part, liberal media is helping. Kristi Hamrick says that is why Students for Life and Heartbeat International are working to share the information.

Hamrick, Kristi (Students for Life) Hamrick

"We need to educate people and legislators about the risks of chemical abortion, about the need for the health and safety standards that we have in place," she tells American Family News. "We need to talk to members of Congress to say, 'Keep the FDA accountable' so that they do not drop these health and safety standards."

Hamrick asserts that the FDA is considering to do that and to allow the pills to be mailed to a woman's home -- something 14 states currently prohibit.

"Corporate abortion wants to sell death by mail. They want to send these pills to you without any testing," the pro-lifer laments. "Without proper testing, women can die from infection, from ectopic pregnancy that explodes, from all kinds of problems with abortions that don't complete. And women could also be made infertile if you don't test for blood type."

For those reasons, both organizations have developed a five-part docuseries titled "This is Chemical Abortion" that fully explores how the pills work and the sometimes deadly side effects they may cause.