With no 'foot to stand on,' Louisville PD does an about-face

With no 'foot to stand on,' Louisville PD does an about-face

Rosary photo credit: James Coleman on Unsplash.

With no 'foot to stand on,' Louisville PD does an about-face

A police department in Kentucky may have been confused over constitutional rights earlier this year, but apparently has reversed itself after findings by a legal group representing an officer who was suspended for praying.

In February, an unidentified Louisville Metro police officer was photographed by an abortion clinic employee while praying the rosary outside an abortion clinic that was closed for the day. That officer, a 13-year veteran, was reassigned that same morning upon reporting for work. Corey Koellner, executive director of Right to Life of Louisville, explains the department's retribution cost the officer.

"When officers get reassigned, they lose their ability to do the off-duty work, which is like the private security work and those kinds of things that they do," Koellner explains, "And so many officers use that money to supplement the mediocre pay they get from LMPD."

According to DailyWire.com, the officer was put on "administrative leave" for four months before being allowed to return to work.

Some argue the officer should never have been punished to begin with because – as Koellner points out – photos have been released of officers participating in other activities … including celebrating homosexuality.

Koellner, Cory (RTL of Louisville) Koellner

"All kinds of images are out there where Louisville Metro police officers are participating in the 'Pride' parade every year, waving flags, marching in the parade," he reveals. "[And] more recently with all of the BLM protests, you have officers kneeling in solidarity with the movement – which … you could certainly say is a political statement or a protest or whatever."

According to the Thomas More Society – which represents the Louisville officer – none of those officers was punished … but the one who was praying at an abortion clinic was. An attorney with the legal group says that upon examining the facts of the case, "it was quickly clear [that] LMPD did not have a foot to stand on. It's too bad it took LMPD four months to figure it out."

In late June, the unidentified officer was reinstated to full duty and no further action against him is contemplated. The abortion clinic, however, is fuming, claiming that not holding the officer "accountable for breaches of policy does not instill public confidence in LMPD …."