Public service announcement re: Walnut Creek PP

Public service announcement re: Walnut Creek PP

Public service announcement re: Walnut Creek PP

An abortion clinic oversight group is drawing attention to a California facility where persistent problems have recently occurred.

Operation Rescue has obtained May's redacted records and recordings of emergency calls from the Planned Parenthood child termination center in Walnut Creek, California. The first patient, 21 years old, suffered abortion complications. According to the emergency call, the woman had been sedated for the procedure.

"We have a patient here at the clinic for an abortion procedure, and she got Fentanyl and Midazolam," a clinic staffer relays. "We've given her two doses of Narcan and Imidazenil. She's still non-responsive; vitals are stable."

In that case the patient appears to have been given an overdose of medications. In another situation that month, an ambulance was called for a 20-year-old woman who suffered serious pain and had moderate but persistent bleeding that the clinic staff could not control.

Both patients were transported as a "Code 3" to a hospital emergency room. A Code 3 designation means the patient is suffering a possible life-threatening condition.

No further information is available on either woman because of federal privacy laws, but Operation Rescue contends that a single clinic having two patients rushed to hospital emergency rooms so close together is reason enough for women to be concerned about the facility.