GOP braces for 'twist of regulations'

GOP braces for 'twist of regulations'

GOP braces for 'twist of regulations'

A national defense analyst says it's easy to understand why some Republican members of Congress are concerned about the prospect of abortions being performed at Veterans Administration hospitals.

Led by Matt Rosendale of Montana, more than 130 Republican congressman have signed a letter asking Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Denis McDonough to provide assurances that the VA will not attempt to change its rules on providing abortion or abortion-related services.

As One News Now has reported, McDonough said in a March hearing that he did not plan to change the current ban on the VA providing abortion or abortion counseling, but the lawmakers are concerned that he maintained his right to do so.

Their letter reminds the VA secretary that a 1992 law says VA hospitals may provide women with pap smears, mammograms, and "general reproductive healthcare," but not "infertility services, abortion, or pregnancy care, including pre-natal and delivery care."

Maginnis, Robert (FRC) Maginnis

"We've seen what the Biden administration has done, giving half a billion dollars already for the abortion industry and being very much on Planned Parenthood's good side," notes Bob Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council (FRC). "Much like Barack Obama and Democrats before them, they're very pro-abortion."

So Maginnis finds it reasonable to expect that the VA would pursue an ideological abuse of that medical system under the leadership of "the party of death."

"This representative out of Montana, who evidently has a lot of support among Republicans, wrote this letter to Secretary McDonough and said, 'Though you haven't said publicly that you won't, you've indicated that perhaps this is something that you might allow to do through a twist of regulations. And we would ask that you go on paper saying that you definitely will not do it.'"