Biden's budget proposal is missing something

Biden's budget proposal is missing something

Biden's budget proposal is missing something

Current leadership in Washington wants to make sure taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.

President Biden has released his version of the annual budget, and the $6 trillion proposal is completely silent on the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits use of federal tax dollars for abortion. If the budget is approved without it, then the American taxpayer will be subsidizing child termination.

Dean Nelson of the Human Coalition tells One News Now the Hyde Amendment has saved many lives.

"The Hyde Amendment was actually protecting multiple hundreds of thousands of children from being aborted," he notes. "Abortion has had a devastating impact, particularly in the minority community."

Even though African-Americans only compose about 13% of America's population, at least 36% of abortions are performed on black women.

Nelson, Rev. Dean (Human Coalition Action) Nelson

Nelson says abortion giants like Planned Parenthood are behind the effort to repeal the life-saving amendment.

"They are a billion-dollar non-profit that continues to rake in millions of dollars in the private sector, hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracting and government funding," the pro-lifer reports. "This would only enlarge that opportunity to take more money from the federal government to do their bidding, and that is to push abortions throughout America."

Pro-life members of Congress, however, are sure to raise the issue of protecting preborn babies by denying federal funds for abortion.