Calif. called 'insane' for further incentivizing illegal immigration

Calif. called 'insane' for further incentivizing illegal immigration

Calif. called 'insane' for further incentivizing illegal immigration

A grassroots organization is slamming the state's Democratic lawmakers for pushing a measure that would allow illegal aliens to work in state government.

Assembly Bill 2586, the so-called "Opportunity for All Act," would direct the University of California system -- the largest agency of the state government -- to begin hiring illegal immigrants for taxpayer-funded state jobs. It specifically mandates that illegal immigrants with no U.S. work authorization be given access to jobs provided through taxpayer-funded universities run by the state government.

Democrats have reportedly fast-tracked its passage in the Assembly, and the measure is now headed to the state Senate.

"I have seen a lot of outrageous proposals from California Democrat politicians bending over backwards to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get in and to get taxpayer benefits, but this one absolutely tops the list of insane ideas," Reform California's Carl DeMaio recently told Fox News.

He says the legislature is asking state agencies to violate federal employment law.

DeMaio, Carl (Reform California) DeMaio

"The state government has decided to knowingly break the law," DeMaio stated. "That not only opens up the manager in question who's doing the hiring to federal prosecution, according to university lawyers, but it also puts the illegal immigrant in legal jeopardy as well. This is insane; it's offensive. Taxpayers should not be giving state government jobs to illegal immigrants in the state of California, on top of all the welfare benefits and all the other goodies that are being given out."

Reform California seeks to counterbalance what it calls the extreme and misguided policies that are costing taxpayers and hurting working families in the state. DeMaio is running for state Assembly to help fight bad bills like AB 2586 and work to secure the border.