The road to a GOP-led Senate?

The road to a GOP-led Senate?

The road to a GOP-led Senate?

A conservative activist is encouraged by the candidates that Republicans have nominated to flip important Senate seats in Maryland and West Virginia.

Both states held Republican primaries Tuesday night – and both nominated men who have been governors of their respective states. In West Virginia, incumbent Governor Jim Justice is favored to replace Democrat Joe Manchin, who is retiring from the Senate. And in Maryland, former Governor Larry Hogan (pictured above) easily won the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate seat opened by Democrat Senator Ben Cardin's retirement.

Janet Porter is founder and president of Faith2Action. She points out that while both are former GOP governors, only one has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Porter, Janet (F2A) Porter

"It's very hopeful and very encouraging [that both won their primaries], and it points to the need for prayer and the need for action in both the state of Maryland and West Virginia," she tells AFN. "It is encouraging to see West Virginia Governor Jim Justice just embraced by Trump. He's liked by the people …. I believe [he's] going to pull this out."

In contrast, Porter sees Hogan's past criticism of Trump actually playing in his favor.

"When you look to Maryland, the fact that Governor Hogan has actually been critical of Trump, I believe, is going to reach out to the Democrats," she explains. "[They will] say, Yeah, you know what? We don't like everything Trump says or what he does, but this guy is somebody we can all get behind. That's how he got in as governor."

Maryland is considered a "deep blue" state; whereas West Virginia has become increasingly "red" over the years – but had elected Democrat Manchin both as governor (twice) and senator (twice).

Porter predicts both Justice and Hogan will come out on top in November – and help switch the U.S. Senate in favor of Republicans.