Reminder for reparations-seeking rep: Even Jesus paid taxes

Reminder for reparations-seeking rep: Even Jesus paid taxes

Reminder for reparations-seeking rep: Even Jesus paid taxes

A black conservative leader calls a congressional Democrat's latest push for reparations a "sad state of affairs."


Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D), who believes reparations are much needed to advance the black community, recently voiced her agreement with a suggestion she heard from an unnamed black celebrity.

"One of the things that they propose is black folk not have to pay taxes for a certain amount of time," she relayed during last week's appearance on the "Black Lawyers Podcast." "That puts money back in your pocket."

"So many black folk, not only do you owe for the labor that was stolen and killed and all the other things, right, but the fact is we end up being so far behind," she added.

Terris Todd, a former Trump White House Education Department appointee who now serves as an ambassador for the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, calls that "another sad state of affairs."

Todd, Terris (Heritage) Todd

"Those of us who are followers of Christ, those of us who are in the Kingdom of God, we all know that even Jesus made it certain that He paid taxes," Todd responds. "He said, 'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar and to God that which belongs to God.'"

Another issue, which even Crockett admitted, is that many are already not paying taxes.

"It's a very complex issue," Todd submits. "The bulk of Americans … who make less than … $50 grand or something a year, they don't pay the tax anyway. But to not pay taxes is absolutely crazy, because taxes actually go to the schools, they go to the police and fire -- they go to all sorts of things."

Fox News notes that a handful of Democrat-led states, including California and New York, have considered dolling out reparations to certain residents. Also, Crockett is up for re-election in November and will take on libertarian candidate Ken Ashby in an effort to retain her post in the House.