Calif. lawmakers appear oblivious to state’s huge budget deficit

Calif. lawmakers appear oblivious to state’s huge budget deficit

Calif. lawmakers appear oblivious to state’s huge budget deficit

An immigration reform organization says already-burdened California taxpayers could soon be forced to foot the bill to help illegal immigrants to secure a home loan.

Despite their state having a budget deficit of more than $72 billion, members of California's Democrat-controlled Assembly are considering legislation (AB 1840) that would expand the eligibility requirements for the state's affordable housing loan program to give taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens to help them place a down payment on a home. The program, called the California Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loans program, was launched only last year.

Ira Mehlman, media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says the move is typical of Democratic politicians in the Golden State.

Mehlman, Ira (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Mehlman

"In California, it doesn't matter what the situation is; it doesn't matter how thinly their resources are stretched or what kind of deficits they're facing – they will do everything in their power to accommodate illegal aliens [and] reward people who are in the country illegally who wind up in California. And this is just another example [of that mentality]," he tells AFN.

Mehlman suggests the State Assembly examine its priorities, pointing out there are already enough American citizens in California who can't afford to purchase their first home.

"We have limited resources,” he argues. “And whatever resources that we have to help people who need to find housing, it should be prioritized for American citizens – not for people who are here in violation of the law."

As a result, according to the FAIR spokesman, frustrated residents are “voting with their feet.”

"They're … saying enough is enough, the cost of living is through the roof, we're not getting any return on our tax dollars in terms of quality of life, quality of public services – and they're leaving," he states.

AB 1840 clearly states: “This bill would specify that the definition of ‘first-time homebuyer’ includes, but is not limited to, undocumented persons.”