Prediction: When Biden drops out, Newsom moves in

Prediction: When Biden drops out, Newsom moves in

Prediction: When Biden drops out, Newsom moves in

A conservative columnist and political commentator is convinced California Governor Gavin Newson will ultimately be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2024.

During last Thursday night's heated debate between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom, Newsom continued to deny claims that he is actually running a shadow campaign for the presidency. During a debate exchange, DeSantis called him out on it.

Robert Knight, a columnist for The Washington Times, sides with the Florida governor on that matter. "Governor DeSantis rightly said that both of them were running for president, even though Governor Newsom denies that and said he was 100% in the camp of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris," he states.

Robert Knight Knight

"DeSantis looked at him [as Newsom said that] as if [to say] 'You've got to be kidding because you're running a shadow campaign. Everybody knows that Joe Biden has declining, cognitive abilities and that they might turn to someone like you.' So, I think he nailed that."

And Knight says as far as the GOP nomination goes, former President Donald Trump remains in the driver's seat.

"… But if for some reason he doesn't, I think DeSantis shows he could go toe to toe with the probable Democratic candidate," says the columnist. "I don't know of any other Democrat with the stature of Gavin Newsom and the left-wing credentials that please the parties base who's anywhere near close to getting the nomination as soon as they realize that Biden is not up to it."

In an AFN poll last week, almost one-third of respondents said Joe Biden's age and "mental sharpness" are the most likely issue that will prevent him from serving a second term.