George Soros, fake philanthropist and destroyer of cities, passes flame thrower to son

George Soros, fake philanthropist and destroyer of cities, passes flame thrower to son

George Soros

George Soros, fake philanthropist and destroyer of cities, passes flame thrower to son

A media watchdog that normally documents crazy segments on MSNBC and stupid comments on “The View” has been documenting a more ominous development: George Soros may be ending his years of republic-crushing activism but his son now has the keys.

George Soros, who is dishonestly described as a “billionaire philanthropist” by the Left, is better known as a Bond-like villain by the Right, which has witnessed him personally fund their most radical political and cultural enemies for decades. Now a comprehensive report from the Media Research Center warns the billionaire’s son, Alex, poses a more ominous threat to the U.S. Constitution than his ailing father.

“George Soros — the most notorious leftist billionaire in American politics — has chosen a successor to take over his $25-billion nonprofit empire,” begins the report written by MRC staffers Joseph Vazquez and Tom Olohan.

The report goes on to explain Alex Soros, 37, likely poses a bigger threat to the democratic republic than his infamous father by pouring his money into issues such as abortion and climate change, and using race to demonize and defeat political opponents.

A new project launched in 2020, Open Society University Network, plans to spend at least $1 billion to advance left-wing ideology on college campuses – as if college campuses aren’t controlled by the Left already. Soros launched the University Network through two schools that will spread the funds around the world, New York-based Bard College and Central European University, which is located in Vienna, Austria and which Soros himself founded, according to the MRC report.

MRC spokesman Dan Schneider says Soros money has even propped up governments.

“Alex Soros has been funding radical, left-wing causes, and building networks and ties, with some of those radical leaders throughout the world,” he tells AFN.

Crime-ridden streets made public pay attention

Few politicians anywhere turn down a handshake from a billionaire, and Alex Soros has repeatedly taken his name and his money to the White House during the Biden administration. Back in July, Fox News reported the heir to the Soros fortune had visited the White House 20 times.

According to the MRC report, political donations from a Soros political action committee totaled $32.6 million during the 2022 midterm elections. That political machine is called Democracy PAC, which is predictable since a standard Orwellian claim of George Soros is to insist he is saving democracy.

The ominous power and enormous influence of George Soros has likely gone unnoticed by most of the public until the “philanthropist” began putting his money into a new source: city and county races for district attorney. Those races draw little public attention and few political donors but suddenly a billionaire who was controlling a worldwide empire was setting up numerous PACs to fund little-noticed D.A. races around the country. 

The very first D.A. to win with Soros donations was Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx (pictured above) in 2016, according to The New York Post. In her re-election four years later, a Soros-backed PAC donated $2 million to her successful campaign.

What was unusual and odd behavior by Soros almost 10 years ago makes sense now that "progressive” prosecutors have turned city streets into war zones. That has forced many frightened city dwellers in Democrat-run cities to follow the money back to George Soros and now his son.

Surprising win in deep-blue Virginia

Despite the David-vs-Goliath odds, Schneider insists the public cannot give up when Soros-funded PACs are outpacing them with money and activism.

“The one thing we've got that they don't is the people,” he insists. “They've got money but we've got regular, everyday Americans who say enough is enough, it's time to take our country back.”

Schneider, Dan (MRC) Schneider

A new example of that public pushback occurred recently in Loudoun County, Virginia. In a D.A. race there, Soros-backed prosecutor Buta Biberaj narrowly lost re-election to a challenger, former prosecutor Bob Anderson. Only 300 votes separated the winner and loser.

Biberaj sought re-election with $1.1 million in campaign funds, including campaign donations from Soros. Anderson raised only $70,000.

“I am honored to lead this office again as Commonwealth’s Attorney-Elect for Loudoun County and deliver on my promise of restoring transparency and protecting our community from violent crime,” Anderson said in a statement.

Katz, Jeff Katz

Regarding that D.A. race, Virginia radio host Jeff Katz tells AFN voters there watched Biberaj prosecute Scott Smith, the father of the teen daughter whose sexual assault was covered up by Loudoun County schools.

“That galvanized a lot of people,” he says. “And even though it was a very close election, the sentiment certainly is that the Soros-financed prosecutor should probably take a hike."