Buck bucks Republican Party, cozies up to GOP-hating media

Buck bucks Republican Party, cozies up to GOP-hating media

Rep. Ken Buck

Buck bucks Republican Party, cozies up to GOP-hating media

After Colorado Congressman Ken Buck announced he will not seek re-election, and blamed his own Republican Party for his decision, a Colorado talk show host says the departing congressman should take a closer look in the mirror.

Rep. Ken Buck, 64, is currently serving a fifth term representing the 4th Congressional District that includes much of eastern Colorado. In a video announcing he was not seeking re-election, the Republican said the nation is “on a collision course with reality, and a steadfast commitment to truth, even uncomfortable truths, is the only way forward."

Buck has attacked fellow Republicans for their “stolen election” allegations about the 2020 presidential election. He has also criticized House Republicans in a Washington Post op-ed for launching an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

According to a New York Post story, Buck might be leaving behind Capitol Hill for a cable news contract since he told the Post he is open to appearing on CNN as a political commentator. Buck announced his planned departure from Washington, and criticized his political party, on MSNBC this week. 

Colorado-based talk show host Jeff Crank tells AFN the once-reliable conservative congressman has been an erratic lawmaker as of late. Rep. Buck, he points out, was one of the eight GOP lawmakers who turned the House of Representatives upside down by voting to get rid of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.

Crank, Jeff (radio host) Crank

Buck might not realize it, Crank says, but he is doing the same thing now he is accusing Republicans of doing: He's looking back at 2020 instead of looking ahead to 2024.

“We have a president of the United States right now that is wrecking this country,” Crank says, “and it is imperative that we band together, stop looking in the rearview mirror.”

Instead, he concludes, Buck is stepping down and possibly handing Democrats a 4th District seat in already-blue Colorado.