Satan's captives love his lies

Satan's captives love his lies

Satan's captives love his lies

The president of an organization that actively preserves God's plan for marriage, family, and life says LGBTQ advocates want acceptance of an alternate reality.

Public hearings before the state legislature have received testimony on Assembly Bill 377 and Assembly Bill 378 -- two measures meant to protect women's sports from men claiming to be women. Assembly Bill 465, which prohibits medical professionals from giving minors "gender-affirming care," was also discussed.

The Republican-authored bills were reportedly met with "considerable backlash" from Democratic lawmakers and members of the LGBTQ community during the three committee hearings in the Capitol.

Appling, Juliane (Wisconsin Family Council) Appling

"The people who come to oppose these bills, they've been taken captive by a lie," says Juliane Appling of Wisconsin Family Action. "They are trying to tell us -- who support God's design for His creation and common sense -- that our reality is wrong, but what they've really done is construct another reality that they want us to accept."

Appling's teams testified in the hearings to correct the myth that there are more than two genders.

"But when you see so many people who have been taken captive by the lie of Satan himself regarding God's design for His creation, it is a sad, sad day," she tells AFN.

The proposals will be voted on in their respective committees and then go to the floors of both legislative houses. But even if the measures make it through the state's Republican-controlled legislature, Governor Tony Evers (D) has promised to veto "every single one of them,"