Abortion lobby rushes to defend disgraced VA candidate

Abortion lobby rushes to defend disgraced VA candidate

Abortion lobby rushes to defend disgraced VA candidate

A candidate in Virginia who mixed pornography with her political campaign, and is deservedly being criticized for doing so, is getting help from a very unsurprising source: abortion supporters.

Susanna Gibson, a Democrat candidate, is challenging a Republican in a General Assembly race for the 57th District. The wife and mother of two is now claiming she is being unfairly targeted by Republicans after the public learned she sold online access to pornographic videos with her husband to raise campaign money.

Reacting to the controversy, Olivia Gann of the Virginia Society for Human Life tells AFN the Democrat is being defended by none other than abortion groups, and there is a good reason.

“…We know she's committed to unrestricted access to abortion in Virginia and to make sure that we are unable to pass any future pro-life laws in the commonwealth,” Gann says of Gibson, who is a nurse practitioner.

One of those abortion groups is Emily’s List, which funds liberal female politicians.

“Susanna originally ran for office because of the overturning of Roe and she’s been very outspoken on standing up for reproductive rights,” said an Emily’s List spokesperson. “People are coming out in support of Susanna because they know that Republicans are coming after her because she was standing up for them.”

While avoiding any direct criticism of Gibson’s personal behavior, Gann says nobody should be surprised to watch abortion supporters run to defend her.

“If you're willing to play their game,” Gann concludes, “they're willing to support you.”