Former prosecutor: Trump getting 'Georgia version' of dirty politics disguised as principled law

Former prosecutor: Trump getting 'Georgia version' of dirty politics disguised as principled law

Former prosecutor: Trump getting 'Georgia version' of dirty politics disguised as principled law

After an Atlanta prosecutor became the latest attorney to vow to convict Donald Trump, a former assistant district attorney has reviewed the Fulton County indictment and concluded another DA is perverting justice.

"I will always, by God’s grace, keep it above with you and tell you the honest truth,” Abraham Hamilton III, a former assistant district attorney, told his radio audience Tuesday. “This is the state version, the Georgia version, of the tripe that is the federal indictment concerning Jan. 6, and I mean that with every ounce of sincerity that I have."

Hamilton went on to call the four indictments --- now 91 charges in all, according to CNN --- against Trump "lawfare," or "warfare through the legal processes," and he predicted they will not hold up under the scrutiny of objective "assessors of the law."

Hamilton, Abraham (AFA attorney) Hamilton

Hamilton, who served as an assistant DA in Houston, Texas, is now general counsel at the Mississippi-based American Family Association. He also hosts a weekday afternoon show for American Family Radio where the audience hears his views on culture, politics, and religion. The audience also sometimes hears Hamilton's legal opinions thanks to the attorney's experience in criminal justice. 

Hamilton studied a 98-page indictment against Trump after Fulton County DA Fani Willis last week announced an indictment of Trump and 18 others on charges of felony racketeering and conspiracy to overturn Georgia’s results in the 2020 presidential election.

A key component of the Georgia indictment is the charge that Trump supporters unlawfully appointed presidential electors from Georgia. Each presidential campaign includes electors designated for each candidate. It is their post-election ballots – not the individual votes cast by millions of Americans on Election Day – that are certified by each state then counted by the U.S. Senate to certify the presidential election.

Regarding that portion of the indictment, Hamilton said the Trump campaign questioned the election results and challenged it.  

"As a result, in order to preserve their ability to challenge the election in some states, the law required them to have Trump electors participate in the process parallel to Biden electors," Hamilton explained. "This is (the Trump team’s) argument."

That effort may have been wrong or misguided, Hamilton explained, but the Georgia DA says it is criminal which he disputed on his "Hamilton Corner" program. 

Parallel electors have occurred two times previously in 1860 and 1960 elections, Hamilton pointed out.

Ellis defended for memo on V.P. 

The big-tent indictment included many who had been a part of Trump’s team in 2020 including former chief of staff Mark Meadows and Trump’s own personal attorney, Rudy Guliani.

Also included in the indictment is former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, a morning show host on AFR. She was defended by Hamilton on-air for her actions after the 2020 election: She drafted a legal memo outlining a Vice President's constitutional responsibilities for certifying electoral votes. 

Ellis, Jenna Ellis

“I’m not kidding. She prepared a memorandum," Hamilton said. "That’s an 'overt act and furtherance of the criminal conspiracy.' What?!” 

“I want to tell you I personally stand wholeheartedly, flat-footed in support of Jenna. She didn’t do anything wrong,” said Hamilton, noting AFA’s support of Ellis as well.

Regarding the other indictments and numerous other charges against Trump, Hamilton said the classified documents indictment by a Miami grand jury can’t be so easily dismissed. 

“I told you before, the one that I believe the former president has the greatest exposure with is the Miami indictment," Hamilton cautioned his radio audience full of Trump supporters. "But I believe that is the weaponization of the Department of Justice to indict former president Trump for something that every president before him in recent memory has done."

The ultimate goal of Democrats, he concluded, is to criminalize any effort to challenge the constitutionality of any election.

“More broadly, they are literally attempting to criminalize the practice of law,” Hamilton said.

In a related interview about Trump's indictments, Heritage Foundation legal analyst Hons von Spakovsky tells AFN the prosecutors are knowingly planning for trials with a jury pool that overwhelmingly hates Donald Trump. That means Trump will be found guilty, he predicts. 

"They'll do it no matter what the facts are," he warns, "and no matter what the law is in the case." 

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