Biden's 'white supremacy' rant a 'shameful' lie that works

Biden's 'white supremacy' rant a 'shameful' lie that works

Biden's 'white supremacy' rant a  'shameful' lie that works

A black conservative activist calls it shameful the Democratic Party keeps using race and fear to stir up support from black voters, this time at Joe Biden's commencement address at Howard University, but the political party shows no signs of a new strategy.

“The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland," Biden told the mostly black audience, "is white supremacy."

The remark drew applause and cheers but Horace Cooper of Project 21 says it was “shameful” to witness and was also a lie. The reason for warning the black audience to fear whites, he says, is to demand their continued political support for the Democratic Party.

Project 21 has repeatedly called on this administration to release any documentation, or support, that would justify such a claim,” Cooper, an attorney, tells AFN.

Cooper, Horace (Project 21) Cooper

The evidence for that claim is rather thin but examples of an all-out effort are plentiful.

Back in 2020, one month before Election Day, the Department of Homeland Security released its first-ever “threat assessment” that warned white supremacists are the biggest threat to the American public.

On his first official day as president, Biden ordered a review of “domestic terrorism” in the U.S. and how the federal government is countering that threat. A summary of that review in the summer of 2021 officially declared domestic terrorism a “National Priority Area," and white supremacy tops that list. 

Under political pressure to find white supremacists under every rock, FBI whistleblowers have now come forward alleging they are being ordered by the Department of Justice to exaggerate the threats posed by domestic violent extremists, or DVEs.

Meanwhile, the public has now witnessed their own government label furious parents “domestic terrorists” and attempt to imprison a pro-life activist for shoving an abortion supporter. Their same federal government has shrugged off vandalism and fire bombings at churches and pregnancy centers even though those acts of intimidation literally meet the definition of domestic terrorism. "Jane's Revenge," a group that has claimed responsibility for many of those attacks, has yet to be revealed and arrested by authorities. 

Homeland Security has also piled on its earlier warnings about domestic terrorism. On the heels of those warnings, a February 2022 warning from Homeland Security said “false or misleading narratives” pose a threat, too, because they “undermine public trust” in the federal government.

In a related commentary about Homeland Security and Biden's commencement speech, Robert Spencer says the administration is cleverly tying its ominous warnings about "white supremacy" to mistrust and hatred of the federal government. A day after Biden's speech, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas told MSNBC he is concerned about "anti-government sentiment" that breeds violence, Spencer points out.  

"This regime aims to criminalize political dissent," Spencer warns, "and that will require demonizing and stigmatizing fully half of the electorate." 

For his part, President Biden has repeatedly attempted to warn blacks their lives are threatened by Republicans in power. Back in 2020, he famously said “you ain’t black” if black voters were undecided between him and Donald Trump.

Black voters shifted to Trump on Election Day, however, especially among black men, NBC News, citing its own polling, reported after the presidential election.

Back in 2012, as vice president, Biden famously told a black audience Republicans would “put y’all back in chains,” referring to a GOP budget proposal.

Cooper says the Democratic Party keeps telling black Americans they need to “be on guard” against whites as if their neighbors are hood-wearing Klansmen.

“As if it was 1925 and the Ku Klux Klan, which was the Democrats' military wing at the time, is now out to get you,” Cooper says. “Shame on Joe Biden."