Executive order takes U.S. further down the rabbit hole

Executive order takes U.S. further down the rabbit hole

Executive order takes U.S. further down the rabbit hole

A proponent of biblical stewardship says President Biden's narrowed fight for "environmental justice" is only advantageous to America's enemies.

On Friday in the Rose Garden, President Biden signed an executive order to make "environmental justice" the primary mission of every federal agency, including the U.S. Department of Education, the Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security. The new White House Office of Environmental Justice rides herd over the order's implementation.

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation says with such vague terms, the order is like a blank check to environmental radicals.

"It's very unclear what justice means for this administration," he notes. "It's unclear what environment even means, and it's unclear how they're defining the people who are most supposed to be helped by this."

Beisner, Dr. Cal (Cornwall Alliance) Beisner

The order blames systemic racism for disparities in environmental outcomes, and Beisner says it plunges the government further down the climate change rabbit hole. He submits that there is very little evidence of any variation in environmental quality on either racial or even economic grounds, and "there is very little risk based on environmental factors."

Meanwhile, "there's a lot of risk based on behavioral factors," Beisner adds.

He tells AFN the Biden administration is virtue signaling to the radical left and playing right into America's enemies' hands.

"The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and of Russia see climate change as a rationale for impoverishing the developed West by depriving it of the abundant, affordable reliable energy from fossil fuels," Beisner concludes.