Trump has nice things to say about a governor....Newsom?

Trump has nice things to say about a governor....Newsom?

Trump has nice things to say about a governor....Newsom?

Donald Trump’s praise for Gavin Newsom is drawing criticism after he praised the far-left California governor but keeps mocking and ripping into his political rival, Ron DeSantis.

In a taped interview with Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, Trump claimed the California governor often praised him when Trump was in the White House. The two men got along “great,” he recalled.

“I used to get along great with him, you know, when I was president. Got along really good,” Trump said to Carlson. “He was always very nice to me. Said the greatest things. He would say things like, ‘He’s doing a great job.’”

“About you?” Carlson, sounding surprised, asked.

“About me,” Trump replied. “That’s why I could never hit him because he was so nice to me." 

Trump mentioned Newsom by name in the interview because he was asked about potential Democratic candidates. In the 2024 presidential race, there is a chance Trump could face Newsom if both win their primaries.

Newsom, meanwhile, has been crisscrossing red states such as Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi as part of his so-called “Campaign for Democracy” tour, which is likely a scouting trip for a coming presidential campaign, AFN has reported.

Wildmon, Walker (AFA VP operations) Wildmon

Walker Wildmon, vice president of the Mississippi-based American Family Association, says we are living in a “crazy world” when Donald Trump is talking nicely about California’s liberal governor than Florida’s conservative governor.

Citing his record as governor, Newsom is no friend of Christians, conservatives, gun owners, parents and pro-lifers, Wildmon says. So it was “shocking” to see Trump compliment him.

“And so that really shows where we are here,” Wildmon observes. “And it's really unfortunate.”


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