Dems hate Trump's success … and America's 2-party system: Mark Levin

Dems hate Trump's success … and America's 2-party system: Mark Levin

Dems hate Trump's success … and America's 2-party system: Mark Levin

A Manhattan grand jury's indictment of former President Donald Trump could have serious repercussions, a leading media figure said.

Friday morning on Fox & Friends, author and radio show personality Mark Levin (pictured above) warned Americans against focusing on the strength of the case against Trump presented by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. What will play out in the days to come, he said, isn't about whether Trump paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels – and it's not about guilt or innocence.

"The bigger picture here as far as I am concerned is we have crossed the Rubicon. This is a tyranny now. Now what am I talking about? We want to talk about the niceties of the law, the elements of the law, you can't prove … it doesn't matter. The law here is dead. They're not using the law. Bragg is not being motivated by the law," Levin said. "This sort of thing is happening in totalitarian regimes."

As many Americans brace for an arrest, a mug shot and the drama around the process, what they will really be witnessing – according to Levin – is a sideshow in the efforts of one political party to eliminate another and turn the country into a one-party system.

"This is a war on the Republican Party. They want to change the voting system, they want to pack the Supreme Court, they want to pack the Senate. The borders are wide open to change the demographics of the country. That's what's going on. You've got to be able to understand what's going on," Levin said.

In the "war" Democrats identified Trump as the opposition leader after he prevailed against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and prevented what Levin described as a third term for former President Barack Obama.

Levin said what the nation is seeing play out in public are the wishes of President Joe Biden, even if they're not explicitly presented.

"When you have a president of the United States in Joe Biden who says over and over and over again that Donald Trump and his supporters are a threat to democracy, he's sending a signal out there to his mob, he's sending a signal out there to the Democrats in Congress, he's sending a signal to their prosecutors, and they've heard him," Levin argued.

The signal has been heard by other Democratic leadership, specifically Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. "Pelosi has said the same thing, Schumer's said the same thing," Levin said.

Levin also pointed out that mainstream media coverage has been overwhelmingly against Trump: "They've compared him to Hitler and to other horrific figures in history, so Bragg and the others look at their job as taking this guy out."

Levin laid out in order what he described as the insincerity of efforts to find Donald Trump guilty of … something.

  • Two impeachments
  • A criminal investigation
  • Five grand juries
  • A phony case that nobody would ever bring against anybody
  • Another phony investigation in Georgia over the words "find the votes."
  • Two phony investigations in Washington, DC, over documents where a warrant and a SWAT team would never be used.

Hating America

Levin said the Democratic Party's "hate" for America is seen by its disregard for the country's two most foundational documents.

"The Democrat Party hates America. They never talk up America. They never quote from the Declaration of Independence. They cherry-pick the Constitution. There's nothing they like about the country. They don't like the economic system of the country, and the guy that stood up against them, and prevented Obama from having his third term with Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump," Levin said.

Levin said the 45th president's business acumen was a key factor in his first-term success, unlike many career politicians in the Republican Party.

"I don't care about all the static. He's a once-in-a-generation leader who actually sees what's going on, not because he's an idealogue, he's not; but because he's a businessman who looks at things like the rest of us look at things. The Republicans who run for office, they stay in Congress 10, 20 or 30 years who do nothing. This man did a lot," Levin said.

A 'decent man'

Levin had dinner with Trump and Trump's family after the indictment was announced and described the former president as poised, "congenial and strong."

Levin called Trump "a very decent man," adding "He cares so deeply about the country."

The "static" that Levin referenced may stand in the way of some Americans who might reach Levin's same conclusions and supply fodder for political opponents. People should move past surface viewpoints and grasp the bigger picture, Levin advised.

"[Trump] won't give up. He's not going to back down to this stuff," the radio show host continued. "His supporters and the rest of the American people need to understand that this is a unique man at a unique time in our history, and that this country is in very, very grave danger."

Levin is confident the American people will not be duped by what he and others have described as a baseless case. He also called on Republican leaders to become more assertive to help preserve their party and the Republic.

"The American people feel it, the American people know it. They see what's taking place. The Republicans better wake up. We need to circle the wagons. We need to understand what we're up against. This is much more fundamental than some phony rogue case by some phony rogue prosecutor who was installed by George Soros and the Democrats."