Trudeau's tricks aren't fooling anyone

Trudeau's tricks aren't fooling anyone

Trudeau's tricks aren't fooling anyone

A conservative activist believes there's a measure of validity to reports that Communist China interfered in Canada's 2021 elections.

The Globe and Mail reported last month that China preferred to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals reelected in the 2021 elections and worked to defeat Conservative politicians considered unfriendly to Beijing.

In response, opposition parties have been demanding a full public inquiry, but Trudeau has declined, deciding instead to name an independent special rapporteur who will decide if a public inquiry is needed. He is also having a Parliament national security committee examine classified information on the matter.

"I believe there's enough proof that it did occur," comments Brian Rushfeldt, a conservative activist in Canada. "This liberal government is the most crooked, dishonest government that Canada has ever had, and the manipulation that Trudeau is doing right now is nothing more than to cover the facts."

He calls Trudeau "the lying prime minister … because he's a chronic liar," and he does not buy the government's claim that there may have been some Chinese interference that did not change the outcome of the election.

Rushfeldt, Brian Rushfeldt

"He can't make that statement unless he's got proof that it didn't, and there's more proof that it did than it didn't," Rushfeldt decides. "There's at least two ridings in Canada which they've proven -- one in BC and one in Ontario -- where there was political interference to the point where the Liberal candidate was hand-picked. And both those candidates have records that they are involved at least in some fashion with the Chinese government."

Opposition Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has criticized the idea of a Parliament committee being involved, saying it will only result in officials presenting opposition lawmakers with "some information and then swear them to secrecy so they could never speak about it again."

"Effectively, that would be a trick to try and prevent anyone debating the subject," said Poilievre.