Calif. residents to their power-grabbing guv: Give it up, Gavin

Calif. residents to their power-grabbing guv: Give it up, Gavin

Calif. residents to their power-grabbing guv: Give it up, Gavin

Evidently a majority of voters in California have seen enough of what Governor Gavin Newsom is capable of to decide they don't want to give him the opportunity to do the same from the Oval Office.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll doesn't bode well for the California governor (pictured above). It reveals that only 22% of voters in the state want Newsom to run for the White House in 2024, while 70% said they don't. And perhaps even more telling: 54% of California Democrats oppose a Newsom White House bid.

"People in California have seen up close what Gavin Newsom is capable of," says Washington Times columnist Robert Knight. "He was one of the worst lockdown proponents. And everything he does is geared toward bigger and bigger government, less and less individual freedom."

Robert Knight Knight

Knight finds it ironic that people in his home state of Virginia are saying same thing about Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin – but for a polar-opposite reason.

"[Governor Youngkin] is doing such a smash, bang-up job in Virginia nobody wants to see him leave," the columnist tells AFN. "And it's the same in Florida: a lot of Republicans don't want Governor [Ron] DeSantis to run for president because then they'll lose him as their governor.

"I don't think that's the case in California," Knight concludes. "I think they just don't want to give this man Newsom any more power than he already has."

Brian Johnston with California Pro-Life Council argues that Newsom's latest mandate will only make matters worse for the governor's political aspirations.

"We all know he would like to be running for president, but President Biden is standing in his way," says Johnston. "So, he now is asking for unlimited abortion; and he's punishing Walgreens for what they're doing in other states."

Major drug store chains are selling abortion drugs, but Walgreen's recently announced it would not sell or mail chemical abortions in 20 states that prohibit abortion or forbid use of the mail. In response, Newsom has ordered state agencies under his authority to boycott the pharmacy chain for refusing to break state laws.

Johnston, Brian (CPLC) Johnston

According to Johnston, Newsom's top-down dictatorial view of the law towards other states isn't well received by a lot of Democrats.

"It's not just Republicans – and it's not just pro-lifers," he continues. "Many Californians are waking up to the dictatorial, draconian methods of this new woke Democrat Party. It hasn't stopped Newsom, but he is creating waves where you would least expect it – and that's refreshing."

Newsom's action against Walgreens was no shocker to Californians and others outside the state because he has been working aggressively with the abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood, to successfully guarantee the unlimited right to abortion until birth.