After tossing Lightfoot, will Chicago back the blue?

After tossing Lightfoot, will Chicago back the blue?

After tossing Lightfoot, will Chicago back the blue?

Now that Chicagoans kicked out their mayor, a talk show host says he is hopeful voters will choose a pro-law enforcement candidate in the runoff.

After the defeat of Lori Lightfoot in the Chicago mayoral race, fellow candidates Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson moved to an April 4 runoff after no one surpassed the 50% threshold to win election outright.

Vallas, who is the highest vote getter, publicly took a pro-law enforcement stance during the race after Lightfoot criticized police and supported the “defund-the-police” movement.

He is also endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and served as an advisor during negotiations with city government.

Johnson, the second-highest vote getter, has called the defund-the-police movement not just a slogan but a “real political goal” for the city even though crime has skyrocketed there during Lightfoot's term.  

“If you get a male version of Lori Lightfoot,” says Bishop E. W. Jackson, “then you're really jumping out of the frying pan right back into the fire."

Jackson, E.W. (STAND) Jackson

In a story about Lightfoot's re-election loss, CNN reported violent crimes spiked in 2020 and 2021. Thefts, car-jackings, robberies and burglaries jumped in 2022. 

Jackson, the midday show host on American Family Radio, tells AFN he is hopeful the people of Chicago understand a pro-law enforcement mayor will help saves lives in the Windy City. The city’s criminals, he says, will continue with their wave of crime if a new mayor does not support the Chicago Police Department.

“If you elect someone who just brings the same attitude toward law enforcement,” he predicts, “then Chicago is really in trouble.”