Is a fair treatment of January 6th finally on the way?

Is a fair treatment of January 6th finally on the way?

Image from hearings during House January 6th Committee's investigation.

Is a fair treatment of January 6th finally on the way?

A conservative radio host predicts the American people are going to finally grasp the full scope of what happened in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, when they see never-before-released video of that fateful day.

UPDATE: The Justice Department today announced that former President Donald Trump can be sued by injured Capitol Police officers and Democratic lawmakers over the January 6, 2021, riots at the U.S. Capitol. Read more here ...

In a move that clearly irritated Democratic Party leaders, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently released thousands of hours of surveillance footage from the attack that day on the U.S. Capitol to Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson. On Tuesday, McCarthy defended his decision to release video of what the Left has repeatedly labeled an "insurrection" in the two years since.

Carlson previously produced a documentary suggesting the federal government used the attack by President Donald Trump's supporters as a pretext to persecute conservatives – and he has confirmed that his team is reviewing the footage ahead of a possible airing.

Jenna Ellis, a former attorney for Trump, hosts a weekday morning show on American Family Radio. She anticipates Carlson will break down all the footage and perhaps present several programs dedicated to what the video footage reveals.

Ellis, Jenna Ellis

"This is a good thing for the truth because the January 6th Committee was completely one-sided," Ellis tells AFN. "You did not have cross-examination; you did not have all of the evidence coming in – you only had what that committee, which was completely anti-Trump, wanted to come in."

Ellis continues: "The truth is we didn't get the full scope of what actually happened and what this footage may show – and I think we're going to get that now."

Former President Donald Trump himself has denounced the investigation as a "witch hunt."

Ellis contends the public release of the video footage could be a tipping point revealing the truth and exposing what she calls the "biased effort" of the Democrat-dominated J6 Committee.

"The Democrats' [effort] to get rid of President Trump and prevent him from running for office again … has failed at every turn and every attempt," she argues. "So, I think this is a great day in America when we finally see some transparency – and I applaud Speaker McCarthy for giving all of this footage to Tucker Carlson."

No definitive decision has been made regarding when the footage might be aired.