Penn. activist shocked struggling Fetterman left behind by wife

Penn. activist shocked struggling Fetterman left behind by wife

Penn. activist shocked struggling Fetterman left behind by wife

A Pennsylvania pro-family activist says she was shocked to learn the wife of U.S. Sen. John Fetterman appeared to leave her husband suffering alone while he battles depression in a hospital bed.

Last week, the junior senator showed up at Walter Reed hospital to get treated for clinical depression just weeks after officially beginning his term as Pennsylvania senator. Just days later, Gisele Fetterman posted photos online showing her and her two children enjoying ziplining at Niagara Falls.

“We talked about lots of hard things and how we will all have to face hard things,” she said, referring to family discussions with the children.

In the same post, Gisele blamed the news trucks at her home for her decision to load the kids and drive away.

Diane Gramley, who leads American Family Association of Pennsylvania, tells AFN she was surprised at the wife’s decision to leave her husband’s bedside considering his mental condition. 

“I’m really shocked that she would do what she's done,” Gramley says, “when it appeared that she was the one pushing him to become United States senator.”

When he was still a candidate, Fetterman suffered a serious stroke the weekend before Democrat voters chose their nominee. He was still recovering on Election Day and was unable to attend his own election party, where Gisele Fetterman assured supporters he would be “back on his feet in no time.”

 “I keep getting better and better,” the candidate told The New York times last fall, “and I’m living a perfectly normal life.”

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania) Gramley

In reality, Fetterman never fully recovered from the stroke but he continued a rigorous daily campaign schedule anyway. At campaign stops, he struggled to speak coherently and it was obvious he was struggling.

Finally, just weeks before the November election, Fetterman’s medical challenges was outed by an NBC News segment in which correspondent Dasha Burns said he required closed captioning for an interview. 

For doing her job, Burns was criticized by a left-wing mob. Other news outlets rushed to assure the public Fetterman was recovering fine and Gisele Fetterman accused Burns of harming the “disability community” and of being a bad journalist.

According to Gramley, she has suspected that Gisele Fetterman would replace her husband if he was forced to step down due to his health.

“But now, with her leaving the country with the kids,” she says, “I think that reflects not only on her loyalty to John Fetterman but also her loyalty to this nation."