DeSantis teasing White House run with pro-police tour in blue states

DeSantis teasing White House run with pro-police tour in blue states

DeSantis teasing White House run with pro-police tour in blue states

Yep, he’s running.

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

"In many of these woke states and cities, [the police] are thrown to the wolves and they are basically expendable for political expediency. Well, not in Florida."

"Florida has adopted a completely different mindset and attitude towards law enforcement from the very start: they respect their law enforcement [and] have laws that allow the police to actually police."

"Woke states and cities are bleeding cops – and Florida is not that way. The police are actually allowed to police … and as a result, you don't see the skyrocketing crime numbers that you see in cities across the United States."

Randy Sutton, founder of The Wounded Blue
Author of "Rescuing 911: The Fight for America's Safety"
(in an interview with AFN)

Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is expected to run for president, has not officially declared he’s seeking the White House but a three-city tour that kicked off today in New York City is the biggest hint of his plans so far.

With a theme of defending and praising law enforcement, the Florida governor spoke early Monday morning to a police union in Staten Island. He is also scheduled to travel to the suburbs of Philadelphia and Chicago, too, where he will point out the criminal-defending failures of blue-city Democrats and highlight public safety successes in The Sunshine State.

ABC News 7, a local New York City affiliate, reported DeSantis criticized so-called bail reform laws that block a judge from keeping a defendant locked up.

“Here you are in uniform, having to risk your life, bring them in, and then they just release them,” DeSantis told the gathering. “How does that make any sense?"

DeSantis is scheduled to speak later on Monday in Elmhurst, Illinois. The name of that event is “Law and Order Illinois,” according to a Chicago-area news outlet, NBC 5.

According to a PJ Media story, news the Republican governor is visiting Chicago’s suburbs upset that city’s Democrat mayor and well as several mayoral candidates. All of them described DeSantis as some kind of evil racist Republican, PJ writer Rick Moran wrote, as if they were trying to outdo each other with the most exaggerated insults and accusations.

“Ron DeSantis has perfected being a bigoted, racist demagogue,” Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s failed mayor, said of Florida’s successful governor.

What is notable about the Florida governor’s visit, Moran points out, is the “terrified” reaction by Democrats, as if a dangerous serial killer - not a Republican governor - is arriving soon. 

“DeSantis should carefully note the hysteria by Democrats,” Moran observes. “It should serve him well when his campaign for president begins in earnest.”

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